Advanced Character Skill: 1x Skill +20 pts (For 120)


An Advanced Character Skill 20 pts, is an in-game item that allows a player to increase one of their skills from 100 to 120 points. It is designed for a player who already has a skill at 100 points but would like it to be 120 points.

Donating for an Advanced Character Skill is a great way to move quickly ahead in specific areas of the game without taking a character through every step of the building-up process. It is particularly useful if you do not want to spend the time leveling up this skill or you are already familiar with the development process but you want or need the skill maxed at 120. This service really helps to move you into the fast lane!

1x skill set to 120 points

- You must have the skill maxed at 100 or above in order to use this!
- You must have already used 4x +5 power scrolls (Total: +20) in the required skill in order to use this!

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