House Floor Space Increase (Town Houses only)


Using this service allows you to increase the house floor space (of Town Houses only) outside of your house by 1x tile rows on the front (south side) and 1x tile rows on the right hand side (east side). Each additional line of tiles added will require a separate donation. This extra space may be used for vendors, crafting, or decorations. It is not intended for outside storage!

- 1x tile rows on the South Side of your house
- 1x tile rows on the East Side of your house

- NOTE: Please click the small picture to see an example.
- NOTE: This curently applies to only Town Houses. If you are unsure if you own a Town House please ask a GM!

Q: What is a Town House?
A: A Town House is house that has been setup in game that does not use the triditional house playcment tool. IE it is not a classic house & it is not a custom house. The majorety of the Town Houses can be found in Narrowhaven.

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